RepairManager.Aero is your partner to provide a premium set of tools and services for the management of parts repairs, lowering costs and TAT.
We provide you with unique solution when managing your repairs and supplier base. All your repairs are managed via single interface with a unique set of people, RepairManager.Aero Team, to satisfy all your requests. RepairManager.Aero connects the dots in the Aero Repair World.

1Reduce your repair costs

  • Repair Quote Management Process
  • Review Against Key Elements: Scope / CMM / Contract / Warranty / History / “Should Cost”
  • New Repair Solution Research
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2Increase parts availability

  • Lower Repair TAT
  • Visibility on All Parts Status in Repair Loop
  • Lower Total Cycle Time Including Freight & Handling
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3Increase your productivity

  • Delivers Key Data to Key Users
  • Eliminate Administrative and Information Clutter
  • Customer Team Focus on High Value Added Tasks
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4Get better Data & Analytics

  • Accurate Data for Vendor Management and Negotiation
  • Access to Repair History Details for Make or Buy Decisions & Platform Reliability Improvement
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